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Could you imagine a world without colour? Everything would be so dull, cold, and lifeless.
That’s how uncoated metal looks in our eyes, and how Matthew and his wife Jo felt before they founded this company.
Jo & Matthew have been an expert in manufacturing, installing and maintaining gates and fences. For years they had struggled to find companies competent enough to powder-coat products due to the size and complexity of the tasks.
Finding coating companies willing to coat their products was difficult. And even if they would, the results were often way below expectations and did not meet their requirements.

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You Are In The Hands Of A Pprofessional

Some coating companies were simply not professional and could lose the items; some damaged them; some had significant delays; some even vanished for months without communication. These all cost a lot of time and money and many sleepless nights.
Frustrated and tired, Jo & Matthew knew it was no use to keep looking for responsible, reliable, cost-effective coating services for their products. At last, they decided to take the matter into their own hands — If no one is doing it, they should be the first to do so.


They wanted to establish a brand new business that could provide the coating services they needed: High-quality, smooth and refined finishing works done by well-trained and certified experts who pay attention to the finest details.


Most importantly, this should not be only for their own products, but for every fabricator and manufacturer in need. And the size should not be the matter, too: Whether big or small, it shall do it all.


But when everything was in motion, Matt received one awful, awful news: Jo, the love who he had met a decade ago, was diagnosed with cancer. It was the worst of their time, but it also showed them why life is so precious.
Thankfully, after a long period of gruelling chemo- and radiotherapy, Jo was getting better and better. One year later, her doctors finally gave the couple the green light: she is now cancer-free.
Hoping this outcome continues, Jo returned to her office as the CEO, and they decided to name the company after her nickname – “Blondie”.
And thus, Blondies Powder Coating, and its avatar “Blondie”, were born.
“Blondie” symbolises not only the battle with cancer that Jo and Matthew have been through, but also the rejuvenation and rejoicing which came into their lives.
Just like how Jo and Matthew’s lives are coloured again, Blondies Powder Coating takes boring metal objects and gives them fresh and fabulous new coats.

A message from the owners

We are coating experts certified by the Australian Institute of Surface Finishing and passionate people with manufacturing experience. We know how vital good finishing is for manufacturers. That’s why every layer of coloured powder, electrostatically coated on a product’s surface, is a layer of care from us.

We strive to give you the best we can. Because here at Blondies Powder Coating, powder coating is not just colouring metal — It is where dull comes to life!